Experiences that Helped Me Find My Way

We all have had experiences in our lives that help us meet the challenges that lie ahead. I have found that a commitment to continued learning and the willingness to seek assistance—through therapy, training, support groups or other channels—is vital.

Through my years as a caregiver and beyond I received support from psychotherapy, support groups, and friends, and I hired a wonderful woman to help me care for Michael when the physical tasks were beyond my ability. I continued to learn and grow and believe in myself, pushing through the doubt and despair with help from others.

I share my journey in the hopes that it will be of help and support to others. In no way do I suggest this is an easy path to walk or that feelings of hopelessness will not arise. But I know that perseverance is key and that help, when sought, can be found.

Through sharing we benefit others and ourselves. I would love to know what inner and outer resources are of help to you as a caregiver if you would like to reply to this post.

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